1. Place the harness over the cow / goat's back with the net udder cover on the left side towards the rear.
  2. Place the longest band around the hearth girth and fasten it together fairly snug on right side of the animal behind the front legs.
  3. Fasten the band to which the net is sewn (this is the belly band) around the animal's body.
  4. Lay the remaining two bands on the animal's back, one on either side of the tail (these are the back straps).
  5. Next, bring the net udder cover over the udder and buckle the straps, being careful that the animal doesn't get her foot in the udder cover.
  6. You are now ready to adjust the harness so that it fits fairly snug.  It may be necessary to tighten the heart girth some and shorten the back straps so the belly band points slightly towards the front.  Then adjust the bands on the rear of the udder covering so that the udder cover fits snug, making certain that the one inch webbing sewn on both sides of udder cover lies flat between the animal's udder and legs.  After  the animal has worn the support 8-10 hours it may require some readjusting.  There is a buckle on either side of the udder cover to adjust for short or pendulous udders.
  7. ​If you plan on leaving the animal outside we suggest waiting until she becomes accustomed to the harness.  this may take a day or so depending on the animal's disposition.
  9. ​It is advisable to put the support on before the udder becomes congested and leave it on until calving time.  If there is congestion after calving, leave the support on until the udder returns to normal.