Proud Supporter of the Dairy Industry

In the 1940's, William Tamm, a dairy farmer in Conover, WI was having difficulty with his high yielding cows coming in from pasture with damage to their udders.  He created a "bovine brassiere," a device  that held the udders up and offered protection.  He sold the TAMM NET UDDER SUPPORTS to other dairy farmers in the area and operated under a company named the FRANKSVILLE SPECIALTY COMPANY.

The Franksville Specialty Company has been the leading manufacturer of udder supports for dairy cows and goats for the past 70 years.  Bill Lapp, of Phillips, WI, purchased the company from William Tamm's daughter in the mid 80's and rolled it into his already thriving sewing and assembly business.  But, in the late 90's, he began to lose jobs to cheaper, overseas competition and eventually had to close his doors and sell his building and the majority of his equipment.  The udder support business was unique and he held on to it.  Bill maintained relationships with the farm supply distributors and handled the day to day operations, while his wife Carol, along with a few part time sewers, continued to manufacture the TAMM NET UDDER SUPPORTS out of a small shop in their garage.

Udder Supports are recommended for the 2-3 weeks before the high risk period at calving time and for the 2-3 weeks following.  During this period, a cow's udders can be filled with nearly 100lbs of milk, putting heavy strain on the ligaments that attach the udder to the cow's body.  The TAMM NET UDDER SUPPPORT is designed to transfer the weight of the udder to the cow's back.  Dairy farmers have a lot invested in their cows and goats.  The TAMM NET UDDER SUPPORT provides an effective way to improve the welfare of their herd.  A cow or goat with a damaged udder is useless to a dairy farmer and will likely lead to slaughter.

Protect your investment and equip your herd with the TAMM NET UDDER SUPPORTS for both cows and goats!